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Games Miscellaneous Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Terminator 2: Judgement Day Hot

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Terminator 2: Judgement Day


License:  Commercial
Year:  1991
A500 (OCS)
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
Number of Players
1 only
Game Developer's Credits
Publisher:  Ocean
Developer:  LJN
Musician:  Dean Evans
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Terminator 2 of course rocks and it's one of the best sequels ever made. Both Schwarzenegger and Cameron were at the top of their game, and this film was a rare case of the right story, the right actors and the right director all in place. So, HOW can one of the best action films EVER be turned into one of the worst pieces of crap ever run on an Amiga?

This little game by Ocean (not to be confused with the Acclaim games based on the same film, like the Amiga version of "T2 - The Arcade Game") is one of the worst games ever run on a home computer (the only worse is the CPC version!), and I feel sorry for any person that purchased it back then just because it obviously had the poster of the film as boxart.

The graphics are laughable. Arnie never looked so ugly before (even compared to the games based on Predator or Last Action Hero), and he is badly animated. Truth be told, the sprite is pretty big, but it's so bad you won't notice. The same applies to T-1000 (played by actor Robert Patrick), as well as the sprites of the SWAT gunmen. As for the "driving" levels, they are like an Atari 2600 topdown "racing" game. The only good thing is the title screen.

The intro music is halfway good, but the rest of the sound is non existent. No music, and some average gunshots and grunts.

The game has 3 styles, 1-on-1 "fighting" scenes between Arnold and the T-1000 where you have to shoot or beat him up as fast as possible while trying to avoid his hits, some incredibly hard "racing" scenes (the well known opening truck scene, and the escape in the SWAT wagon while the helicopter is in pursuit), and some pointless "puzzle" levels where you have to move the pieces in order to shape a picture in a limited time. None of them are worth playing for more than 5 seconds, and I played them just to capture screenshots!

I'd happily put a "0" if there was the option. I'll say it again, how the hell can one of the best action movies ever be turned into one of the worst games ever. It's an insult to James Cameron's masterpiece. Have you seen "Robocop Vs. Terminator" for Sega Mega Drive or "The Terminator" (based on the first film) for Sega-CD? Well, THAT's how you treat a Terminator game for the 16-bits, and those are the 16-bit games you should play if you are a fan of the concept. Avoid this piece of junk at all costs, bad movies can be "good", bad games are always bad, and just see the movie again if you are in T2 mood.

Review originally submitted by one-second (also known as Doomster79).

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