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Prince of Persia Hot

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Prince of Persia


License:  Commercial
Year:  1991
A500 (OCS)
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
Number of Players
1 only
Game Developer's Credits
Publisher:  Broderbund Software
Developer:  Broderbund Software
Design:  Jordan Mechner
Producer:  Brian Eheler
Coder:  Dan Gorlin
Graphics:  Leila JoslynAvril HarrisonJames St. Louis
Musician:  Francis Mechner
Sound Effects:  Tom Rettig
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Editor review

Prince of Persia: The original

12 of 12 people found the following review helpful
The story has been told infinite times, the boy has to rescue the princess and save her from the evil dictator. In this version, you play a lowly servant who has to save the princess from the clutches of death. Jaffar wishes to marry the princess, but she refuses, he then gives her an hour to live, in hope she will change her mind. You must battle your way from the depths of the dungeon and make your way to the palace to free her from the tyrant Jaffar.

Graphics: The graphics are decent for a sidescroller. You can almost sense the cold, harsh stone that is pressed up against your character's feet. When you reach the higher levels, the screen is awash with vibrant colours, showing the lavish lifestyle this sultan enjoys. The colour palette really adds to the mood of this game.

Sound: The sound is done nicely also. The echo of your footsteps is all you can hear as you traverse the dungeon, the silence being sliced only by the raising or lowering of a gate. During battle, the clink of swords and the whoosh of air as you fight for your life is done perfectly. One section of the sound during this game that is especially memorable is the clanging of the metal teeth of the slicing machine in level three. That is one nasty machine and its sound is matched perfectly. Also, there is an extremely long fall in that level also. His scream is quite disturbing, and lasts for a long time. Every time I hear that scream, it gives me shivers.

Gameplay: The gameplay is excellent. There is the perfect balance of fighting, puzzle solving and running to keep this game at the right intensity level. The timing of keystrokes is also an important feature of this game, as one wrong press and you character is dead. The physical movement of the character is done well, the boundaries of his movements are realistic. The puzzle solving which is encountered is one of the best. The puzzles are subtle, not thrown in your face as so many other games do. The running gives a sense of urgency as your time to reach the princess diminishes. A perfect balance.

Lifespan: This game is not easy. I have not yet completed it, as there is one puzzle I cannot solve. This game has a stash of secrets, many which I do not know. The graphics have aged well, and it is still an extremely enjoyable game. If you have played the PS2 version, then check out where it all began.

Overall: This game is good fun, and while playing, many emotions will be experienced. This is one of the finer games that has ever been made. It doesn't rely on fancy grahpics, but uses them to good effect to allow the player to feel connected to the game.
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