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Saxonia 4 Hot

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Saxonia 4


Name:  Saxonia 4
Group:  Void
Year:  2006
Production's Credits
Coder:  Rumrunner
Graphics:  BrowalliaMalmis
Music:  Rastaman
Others(Misc):  Browallia, Ghandy, Rumrunner
System Requirements
Harddrive Installable
Production Notes and Information
Saxonia is one of the few remaining diskmagazines on the Amiga Demo Scene. This is the latest issue, which was released in August 2006.

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Editor review

Saxonia 4 by Void

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Saxonia 4 by Void

Void has been part of the Amiga Demo Scene for over 10 years now. During those years, they have released a few productions. Most noteworthy is their disk magazine series called Saxonia. In 2006, there arenīt many magazines being released anymore. We have the Eurochart by IRIS, Cows and Snakefights from Nukleus, Jurassic Pack from Scarab, and finally, Saxonia by Void.

Saxonia 4 was programmed by Rumrunner of Void. Heīs also involved in creating the Versus chart, together with the Swedish crew Nukleus. It seems like Rumrunner has put a lot of effort into making Saxonia run on as many Amigaīs as possible. It should work on a standard Amiga 500, which means that you can drag your old 500 out from the closet, power it up, and run Saxonia on it.

Now, letīs how a look at what Saxonia has to offer its readers.

As in any disk magazine, the importance of articles canīt be neglected. After all, magazines are all about reading. Fortunately, Saxonia has a wide specter of texts available. This means in other words that the articles doesnīt only concern topics related to the Amiga Demo Scene. In the magazine, you can find texts about other topics as well, which can interesting for all Amiga users. There are reviews of other disk magazines, a piece about Unix and Text Editors, something about Public Domain companies, and so on. The only negative thing about the articles in the magazine, is that there could have been more of them. Although, all mags on the Amiga suffers from this problem, namely the lack of support. This something Rumrunner points at in his editorial. Hopefully they will manage to collect more for the next issue.

All in all, Saxonia was an interesting read. It is well worth checking out, and it was fun to see that there is still activity on the disk magazine front on the Amiga in 2006.

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February 08, 2007
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