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Games Sports Sensible Soccer v1.1

Sensible Soccer v1.1 Hot

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Sensible Soccer v1.1


License:  Commercial
Year:  1992
A500 (OCS) A600  (ECS)
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
No WHD Install available
Number of Players
Simultaneous Players
Game Developer's Credits
Publisher:  Renegade
Developer:  Sensible Software
Coder:  Chris ChapmanDave Korn
Graphics:  Jon Hare
Musician:  Richard Joseph
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Editor review

Sensible Soccer - The ONLY soccer sim

4 of 5 people found the following review helpful
Looking at the games of today, there is a wide range of Soccer simulation games available, from managing the team right through to playing on the field. The problem is that they are all the same. Every single soccer simulation offers the same game, with one or two differences to its main competitors.

But the soccer simulation Sensible soccer is the most original soccer game out there. The speed of this game is unmatched by any other game. You can be in your defensive third, close to conceeding a goal, and within seconds, you can be back to attacking your opponents goal. This requires great concentration, otherwise an easy goal can be incurred.

The controls for this game are done with a joystick. The controls are adjusted well, they are not too sensitive, but allow for great control. When tackling, you have a choice of a normal tackle or the infamous slide tackle. Although it is almost certain you will win the ball with a slide tackle, you are as likely to receive a yellow card. Use this move with caution.

There is a cheat in this game that I have heard many times, where if you stand at a certain area of the pitch, you can always score a goal. I have no idea where this is, alas I will probably not versus many people on this site. Although, it is not a difficult task to score goals, I have played a match between Brazil and Tonga, in which the final score was 32 - 0. In important matches, goals can become difficult to come by, but with good passing and awareness victory is assured.

You are able to play as a wide variety of teams, ranging from clubs all across Europe to a large number of international teams. There are many competitions you can enter, from the world cup through to the premier league. The formats are all different, although really they are all the same. You have the ability to edit any of the teams, changing the name of the team, any of its players and editing the team uniforms. These options allow you more control and flexibility over the contents of the game.

Graphics: This is what sets this game apart. The overhead view is quite good, allowing for a fast pace and easy to control players. The people are similar to lego characters, with indistinguishable facial features. The pitch has a variety of different cuts and types, which alter the way in which the game plays. The graphics are not outstanding, but this is not the strong point of the game.

Sound: The sound is good, the atmosphere being captured in the chants of the crowd. The "oohs" and "aahs" are certainly noticable and when the players get close to the goals, the chattering becomes more intense. The only music in the game is in the menu, the song is a bit frustrating but tolerable.

Gameplay: Excellent. The ease of controls and the fast pace allow for great enjoyment. When playing this in two player mode the fun is increased.

Lifespan: Eternity. A great game, perfect for anyone who has a craving for a quick game of soccer. Although, if you are a serious soccer fan, then this game will age quickly. The ease of scoring goals, and the repetitive nature of the game may bore some.

Overall: This game was and still is one of the great games to have been released on the Amiga. If you are looking for a soccer fix, then I recommend this game. If you have access to a Playstation 2, then check out the 2006 remake by Codemasters. It has a lot of unlockable extras and supports four players! A must have for a fan of this original classic!

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