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Games Beat-em-up Rise of the Robots

Rise of the Robots Hot

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Rise of the Robots


License:  Commercial
Year:  1994
A600  (ECS) A1200 (AGA) CD32
Harddrive Installable
Number of Players
Simultaneous Players
Game Developer's Credits
Publisher:  Time Warner Interactive Inc.
Developer:  Mirage Technologies Ltd.
Coder:  Andy Clark
Graphics:  Kwan LeeSean Naden
Musician:  Jason PageRichard Joseph
Game Notes and Information
An open letter was written by the Amiga Power reviewer Stuart Campbell
due to the huge hype about Rise of the Robots. The letter can be read
in full via this link.

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Fall of the Robots

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Rise of the Robots


The Amiga platform sports a wide variety of beatīem ups. Think about Final Fight, IK+, Shadow Fighter, Street Fighter 2, Body Blows, Mortal Kombat and so on. In 1994, after a lot of hype, a new title of this genre was released. The name of the game was Rise of the Robots, and boy, the expectations was sky high.


Everyone talked about the Rise of the Robots, and the Amiga magazines were packed with information concerning the game. This was going to be a big hit! Much of the hype did probably emerge from the in-game screenshots. The graphics looked amazing, with clean and polished characters in 3D. It might not look that impressive today, but in the middle of the 1990īs, it sure was. Could the game live up to the expectations?


The Rise of the Robots was, as mentioned earlier, released in 1994. It was published by Time Warner Interactive Inc and developed by Mirage Technology. Personally Iīve not seen any other games for the Amiga made by Mirage Technology, only Rise of the Robots. At the time of its release, this game had to compete with Mortal Kombat II and Elfmania. There are other titles that could be mentioned as well. According to the hype, it seemed probable that Rise of the Robots would be a winner.

The Fall of the Robots?

So how is the game? When starting it you will be impressed by the visuals. The graphics are well made and it looks very modern and fancy. A lot of work has probably been put into making the game look stunning. The developers managed that for sure, as the game looks sweet.

The problem, though, arrives instantly. It starts once you try to play the game. Why? It is just to easy and simple to play. The AI of the opponents are seriously bad. They donīt put up much challenge at all. Just throw away a few punches and kicks with your robot, and they are down. You could probably finish of the game during an hour, or maybe less, as there arenīt many opponents to begin with.

So, Rise of the Robots is perhaps a bit easy. What about the gameplay? Is it fun? As much as I would love to say that the game is entertaining, Iīm afraid I have to be honest here. The game is simply boring. It has no real feel to it and it doesnīt bring you the little extras to keep you going. You smash up some enemy robots and thatīs it. The different moves you can perform arenīt many, and they seem a bit jerky. So much for variation and training to do cool moves. At least the developers could have included a wide range of moves like in Mortal Kombat or the Streetfighter series.

I know itīs hard to believe that such a beautiful game graphically can be so boring. Well, Iīm afraid it is. After 20 minutes of playing, youīve discovered all there is to the Rise of the Robots. If you are looking for beatīem ups to play on your Amiga or via your emulator, then I would avoid Rise of the Robots. Try titles such as Shadow Fighter, Body Blows or something else instead. Do not enter the world of "The Fall of the Robots".


Rise of the Robots sports excellent graphics. They are well done and amazing. As for the rest of the game, itīs simply bad. Avoid this game if possible. If you are curious, check it out because of the graphics, and then try something else.
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January 17, 2007
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