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Games Platform Mega Twins

Mega Twins Hot

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Mega Twins


License:  Commercial
Year:  1991
A500 (OCS) A600  (ECS)
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
WHD Install available
Number of Players
Simultaneous Players
Game Developer's Credits
Publisher:  US Gold, ERBE (Spain)
Budget Publisher:  Kixx (U.S. Gold)
Developer:  Twilight
Coder:  Andrew SwannMark Mason
Graphics:  Peter Tattersall
Musician:  Sean Conran
Game Notes and Information
Copyright: Capcom

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Pause the game and type "PUNISHYOURMACHINE" for infinite credits.
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Mega Twins

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Mega Twins is a scrolling platform game released on the Amiga platform in 1991 having originally been an arcade game. You control one of two 15 year old twin warriors in a quest to rescue your kingdom by obtaining the two blue dragon eyes.

Each of the nine stages in the game consists of several different types of enemy, several mini-bosses throughout the stage and a final boss at the end. The player can choose to do the first three stages in any order, following this each stage is linear. The stages contain a mixture of standard platform sections and constantly scrolling parts where you will lose health for not keeping up with the rising/falling screen.

In order to kill enemies you are equipped with a sword. Some enemies will require one hit whilst others and bosses will require multiple hits. Unfortunately the weapon has a very short range, making it very hard to hit a moving enemy and then avoid being touched by it, if the one hit did not kill it. This makes for a very frustrating experience playing, especially as each level has a relatively short time limit, meaning you can't take too long ensuring you avoid hits and provides no time for exploring the levels. In addition the control system is a bit unpredictable at times, seeing the character jump when perhaps it wasn't asked to, or sticking to a wall when it isn't wanted. Collisions are also not perfect, it's possible to overlap with an enemy without being hurt.

This means that the game is hard, but in a way that feels unfair. As well as being difficult, the player can end up feeling cheated by the seemingly random moves. The lack of a password or save system means that once the player runs out of lives, it's back to the start. Although an extra life is given after completing each level, I'd imagine most players won't make it to the end of the game. I never managed it until I played it on an emulator. Being an arcade conversion, high score is quite important. Unfortunately this aspect is ruined by the fact the high score table only shows the last 6 digits of the score. It is possible to obtain a 7 figure score without even completing the game!

The graphics in the game are fairly good, with plenty of bright colours although not too detailed, the sound effects are suitable although some are used for two different events. Music is used only on the title screen and during the end credits.

You won't complete the game quickly, although the frustration of having to repeat the early levels again and again might mean you won't want to. After completion, it's unlikely you'll want to play through again, due to the flaws in the high score table. Mega Twins is an average game, there are far better platformers around but if you're really into the genre you might want to give it a go.
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Avatar Reviewed by AlexJ
February 11, 2007
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Last updated: February 11, 2007

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