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IK+ Hot

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License:  Commercial
Year:  1988
A500 (OCS) CD32
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
Number of Players
Simultaneous Players
Game Developer's Credits
Publisher:  System 3
Developer:  Software Studios
Coder:  Archer MacLean
Graphics:  Archer MacLean
Musician:  Dave Lowe
Game Notes and Information
A CD32 version was released in 1994.

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Haaaaaa Ya!

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Fancy yourself as the kung fu master? Well you are in the right place. Spinning cresent kicks, headbutts and punches in the groin are some of the impressive moves you will be able to knock your opponents with. You play the role of a beginner, trying to proceed through the ranks to achieve the black belt. Along the way, there will be many challenges grasshopper.

Graphics: The graphics are done nicely, the 2D side view works well. The little movements contained in the background make it seem more realistic and work to bond you with the sense of being outdoors. The motion of the characters is also drawn well, allowing for an enjoyable experience.

Sound: The sound is done well, the oriental themed music playing in the background fits in nicely with the game. Also the sounds made by the characters during sparring are realistic. Finally, the sounds made by the balls and bombs in the alternate levels are also well done.

Gameplay: The controls are simple, the opponents are controlled well and the game progresses smoothly. The game works extremely well, defeating both opponents isn't always easy, concentration is needed at all times. They fight as well, and sometimes, better than you do, so watch your back! Also, the alternate levels are a good break from the sparring rounds, adding something different into the mix.

Lifespan: This game is good fun, and will last. To reach the black belt level is an achievement, it is not an easy feat. Also, the inclusion of two players allows this game to be quite more enjoyable, as you can battle your friends and see who is the better ninja.

Overall: This game is a good beat 'em up, and its feel is different to many others that are available. For some good fun, check this one out, the smacks to the face are easy to take considering it's just a game.
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