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Games Shoot-em-up Hellfire Attack

Hellfire Attack Hot

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Hellfire Attack


License:  Commercial
Year:  1988
A500 (OCS)
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
Number of Players
1 only
Game Developer's Credits
Publisher:  Martech
Developer:  Akaido Arcade Systems
Musician:  Jason C. Brooke
Game Notes and Information
Also know as just Hellfire

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Editor review

I still have nightmares about this game!

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This game was re-released as a budget game and it was at this point that I "accidentally" purchased it. Not having much money to spend on new games one week I decided to take a chance and bought a couple of games from a budget range. This being one of them.

The actual concept of the game is fine. It is very similar to After Burner in how it plays, with it being a flying style shoot 'em up, using a sprite based graphics engine that scales the sprite made scenery as you fly into the screen, supposedly giving the effect of flying forwards. Sadly this isn't the effect it gives in this game as the sprites don't actually scale, but are instead just lined up one behind the other and in rows. It also only created a limited idea of distance into the screen as you only ever see about 4 rows of sprites at any time, so your point of view is very short.

It does at least give the impression of horizon as the landscape does tilt as you manoeuvre the helicopter during flight. But even this isn't done well. Normally you would expect a game to actually rotate all of the sprites slightly to create the illusion of the landscape tilting, but in this game it shifts them all up and down so you end up with a series of sprites still straight but with big steps between them. This looks horrible.

The gameplay does fair better than the graphics, with it at least being playable. Although the difficulty level is very high due to unforgiving collision detection and slow screen updates. For this reason you won't play it for long and will quickly become frustrated and stop playing.

It has been a while since I played this game, and the music couldn't have been that great as I cannot remember it at all. I do however remember the intro tune that played at the title screen and that was OK.

There are definitely much better shoot 'em ups for the Amiga that you should try before this one. Similar games that are better include Space Harrier and Afterburner. But you might have a bit of fun giving this a try. Just don't expect it to be that great.
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