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Games Platform Lionheart

Lionheart Hot

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License:  Commercial
Year:  1993
A500 (OCS) A600  (ECS) CD32
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
Yes WHD Install available
Number of Players
1 only
Game Developer's Credits
Publisher:  Thalion
Budget Publisher:  TopShots Deluxe (Softgold)
Developer:  Thalion
Design:  Erik Simon
Coder:  Erwin KloibhoferMichael Bittner
Graphics:  Henk Nieborg
Musician:  Matthias Steinwachs
Sound Effects:  Matthias Steinwachs
Others(Misc):  Jurie Horneman, Matthias Moehrstedt
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Cheats and Tips

Pull down on the joystick then press 'P' to pause the game while still in the crouched position. Next press and hold 'CTRL' and press 'HELP'. This will give you infinite lives.

Use the following keys:

'F1-F10'_______________________________________Level select.
'1-5'_____________________________________More level select.
'RETURN'___________________________________Shake the ground.
'S'_____________________________________________Plays sound.
'UP CURSOR KEY'_______________________________Sound minus 1.
'DOWN CURSOR KEY'______________________________Sound plus 1.
'HELP'___________________Toggle one and two button joystick.
'M'____________________________________________Toggle sound.
'SPACE'_____________________________________Not really sure.
'CTRL'______________________Invincibility and free movement.

When you use the bottom 'CTRL' key, you can move the guy anywhere using the mouse. When you have him in the desired position press 'CTRL' again to release him. The right mouse button also acts as a pause.
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Member's Reviews

Editor review

One of the best platform games released ever!

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There were many console-inspired platform games on Amiga. However, while the Amiga was top-notch for "thinking" games like RPGs, adventures and strategies, the Amiga platform games were shallow compared to SNES/Sega games of that period. Most of them featured cuddly animals or cartoony toddlers as the main characters, trying BADLY to capture the glory of the classy and classic Sonic and Mario. Fortunately, there were some gems like this. Lionheart is IMO one of the 10 best platform games released for a computer format, and it can stand tall alongside the very best platformers consoles had to offer. What were fantasy computer games of the era (1992) better known for when compared to their console counterparts? They usually had a mythic, epic concept (just see Shadow of the Beast), and were not kid-orientated. And Lionheart captured that spirit, leaving all cute platformers for the Amiga far behind.

This game contains some of the best 2D hand drawn graphics I've seen in the 16-bits. The main sprite is not very big but it's nicely drawn and animated (I prefer average-sized but good sprites than large ones that look like bad puppets), and the backgrounds are beautiful. It's not Shadow of the Beast (that game alongside Donkey Kong Country is the unbeaten king of 2D graphics), but still very pretty and pleasant to the eye. Also, there's a bit of variety on the levels, as well as an urge to see what's coming next. Simply excellent.

The sound in this game is epic. The SFX are pretty basic (but functional), but the music is outstanding and brings classical music and movie soundtracks to mind. You can hear that a lot of effort has gone into the tracks by the German composer of the game (there's even a sound test). Amiga had great sound (it reaches the level of SNES which had PCM abilities that could emulate an orchestra, not just cheesy midis like most of the Sega Megadrive games), and games like this show it off.

Most of those cutesy Amiga platformers I mentioned earlier were also pretty poor on gameplay terms. They were mostly awkward, proving the programmer's lack of experience with the genre (which was and still is a console domain). After all, Amiga excelled in RPG/Adventure/Strategy/Puzzle games. However, Lionheart plays like a console game (and that is a flattering) It has a nice balance. The control is simple and functional even though it takes a bit time to get used to the attack (hold fire and then tap a direction). Jumping is convenient and never betrays you if you are skilled. The responsiveness of the controls is worthy of praise, and I'm sure they spent a lot of time making sure things work right.

Even after you finish it, you'll play it again from time to time because the game is an enjoyable and exhilarating experience. As I said earlier, it's one of the best platform games ever released for a computer (and it rivals many great console ones), and it's a pity they never did console versions, because many console users aren't aware of it. I'm sure many SNES/Genesis users would love it. It is apparent that the programmers/designers had passion while creating it and that they loved the concept. Even the ending sequence includes messages from many of them, relating fun-to-read stories and details related to the game. I usually just download ROMs, play them and index them to move on to another one, but this, alongside Shadow of the Beast, is one of the few retro titles that I'd pay to buy just to have it in its original box in my collection. This game is THAT good.

Review originally submitted by classicamiga member one-second (also known as doomster79).

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