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License:  Commercial
Year:  1991
A500 (OCS) A600  (ECS)
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Press 'P' to Pause the game and then press the 'HELP' key five times. Now unpause the game (a tiny heart should appear on the status screen). You will now have unlimited lives.

You can also then press 'Space' to advance to the next stage/screen.
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Rodland is a fixed screen platform game, originally released as an arcade game and ported to the Amiga in 1991. The player takes control of one of two fairies sisters, Tam and Rit, whose Mom is captured by a monster, and taken to the top of a tower. Each of the 44 levels takes place on a different floor of the tower, and you move your way up towards the place where the fairies Mom is being held. It's a pretty poor story, but this doesn't really matter.

Each screen consists of platforms and some ladders as the fairies are unable to jump. It's also possible to create your own ladder at any point on the screen, but creating a new one destroys the previous one created. There's quite a variety of enemies in the game, ranging from sharks to rabbits. You are equipped with a wand as your weapon and shooting an enemy with it will trap them in a force-field. You then are able to shake them from side-to-side in order to kill them. They will then leave behind an item which you can use to kill other enemies on screen. Once all enemies are removed from the level, you move on.

In addition, each of the levels is covered with flowers. Collect all of these and you get a 'bonus game' where the enemies will change for a short period to a jellyfish-like creature which once killed will leave behind a letter. Collect all 5 letters to spell E-X-T-R-A and you get an extra life.

Every 10 levels, there's a boss which follows the same concept as an ordinary level except the boss is generally bigger in size and instead of capturing in the force-field you must shoot them many times with the rod.

The concept is therefore quite an original take on the platform genre but simple and as such the game is fairly easy, although very fun to play. The graphics are cute (it's a game about fairies, what did you expect?) and well executed. There's a single looping song through the whole game, but it's a catchy tune and you're likely to find yourself humming along to it after a while. Sound effects are limited to the ladder creation, rod zap, and items - there's nothing for when you die or kill an enemy. There is a 2-player cooperative mode, which is amongst the best in it's genre.

There's no option to save the game, but neither is it necessary. As a conversion it's brilliantly done, and better in my opinion than the original arcade version. Your score depends on the methods used to kill the baddies, flowers and letters collected etc. and it's here where the replay value of the game comes in. Unlike many platform games, the highscore is part of the core of the game, as opposed to something that was added to it. Competing with yourself and others for highscores is great fun in Rodland.

Rodland then, is a simple but very enjoyable game, with some interesting gameplay features which prevent it from being just another platformer. The style suits the game perfectly (even if it is a little camp) and is well worth giving a try.
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February 01, 2007
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01 February, 2007

Rodland was one of my favourite platform games on the Amiga. Taking many of its ideas from the classic Bubble Bobble, which I had been a big fan of in the arcades, I was instantly hooked on this game.

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26 September, 2007

It's one of the best platform games on Amiga indeed. It's small, nice and very exciting. I completed it several times, but I'm still a big fan of it!

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30 September, 2007

I agree with you guys, Rodland is a good platform game for the Amiga. I've also completed it, and will probably do it again some time in the future. Also like the possibility of two people playing at the same time.

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