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Games Sports Five-A-Side Soccer

Five-A-Side Soccer Hot

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Five-A-Side Soccer


License:  Commercial
Year:  1998
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
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Publisher:  CtoTeam
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Editor review

Sensible Soccer? Not quite

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5 a side? Sounds like fun! No need to worry about lots of players, where they are running, if they are ready for the pass...there are only four other players to help you defeat your opponents. The ability to use the walls to your advantage makes this an interesting take on football.

Graphics: The graphics are in the same style as Sensible Soccer, except the crowd is included in this game. The crowd is drawn nicely, although there is no movement. The colour selection is quite drab, the pitch looks like an oversized envelope. The movement of the characters is good, there are a lot of movements to be seen when a hat-trick is scored.

Sound: The sound is done nicely, there rise and fall in cadence of the crowd, the collision of human or ball against the wall and the blow of the referee's whistle all add together to make this a nice rendition of a soccer game.

Gameplay: The gameplay is ok, the controls are the same as any soccer sim, and it plays true to sensible soccer. The only difficulty is that there is no way to cycle through your teammates while playing. If you wish to select a different character to run for a loose ball, then you have to complete a slide tackle to change to your teammate. This is also difficult while passing.

Lifespan: There are many teams to choose from and a selection of options that can be changed. Of course, if you like Sensible soccer, then you will definately play this game for extended periods of time. The option to play against a friend is also an added bonus.

Overall: If you enjoy soccer simulations, then you will enjoy this game. Your style of play will have to be altered to allow for the poor passing system that is incorporated within this game. Otherwise, this is an excellent game.
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