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Games Role Playing (RPG) Dungeon Master

Dungeon Master Hot

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Dungeon Master


License:  Commercial
Year:  1988
A500 (OCS)
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Harddrive Installable
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1 only
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If you like classic RPG games, play this!

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This game was amazing for its time, being one of the very first to create an interactive real-time visual 3D environment within an RPG game and it went on to inspire many other games including the Eye Of The Beholder series, Hired Guns, Captive and many more.

The game begins at the start of a dungeon and lets you choose from a number of characters to enlist in your party, to make up a total of four. These characters await you encased in pictures along the walls within the first area of the dungeon, so you can view them all and pick the ones you want in your party. Choosing one reincarnates them into your party ready for adventure.

Dungeon Master is a very traditional RPG dungeon adventure. As you progress down through the dungeon, you will encounter a lot of different enemies, getting a lot harder the farther you go down. And there is a fair share of puzzle work to this game too, with it involving a lot of key finding and lever pulling, moving of walls and hidden doors.

Without maps this game is quite the challenge as the dungeon corridors can all begin to look alike as you progress, so many players mapped the dungeon on graph paper as they went to make life easier. A complete set of maps for the game will be appearing on here very soon.

The magic system is quite different in this game. Based on glyphs (or runes) that all your characters can use, spells can be cast if you knew the right combination of glyphs. You can try to use all of the spells right from when you start if you know them, but most of the time your characters wont be able to cast the spells to begin with as they aren't skilled enough. But if you keep trying to cast these spells you will eventually gain levels in magic and the spells will work more often, and as you gain levels they will become stronger too.

This is the same for all other skills in the game. Fighting increases your fighting skills, healing increases your priest skills, throwing increases your ninja skills, and casting spells increases your wizard skills. Gaining levels in all these skills increases damage in fights, the ability to heal more damage, the accuracy and damage of ranged weapons, and the success and strength of your magic.

Eating and drinking is also a big factor in this game, where you have to make sure your characters do this or they begin to suffer damage from starvation. To begin with this is easy as food is dropped by a lot of the weaker enemies you encounter and water can be found in wall based fountains that you can use containers on to fill up. But finding food and water deeper in the dungeon isn't so easy, so managing your food and water supplies becomes more important as you progress.

With the graphics in this game you might develop tunnel vision, as the grey walls are nearly identical throughout most of the adventure. This is one of the main reasons that drawing a map became very important so you don't get lost. The monsters you encounter have a few movement and attack animations and some of them are pretty original, but not that amazing to watch in action. There are a large variety of them, each well drawn and different.

The game has good sound effects that were not that bad for the time. The shriek of the mummies made for a good laugh and hearing your sword or axe hit a door made a nice thud. But the best aspect was being able to hear something walking around before actually facing it , or not hearing anything, turning a corner and then being surprised by a yell or attack.

The control system in Dungeon Master is extremely easy. If you can point and click and press the directional keys your set. Everything is mouse driven throughout the the entire game including moving, attacking, picking up items, and using the items. Very easy and this helps make the game even more addictive.

This control system was another aspect that was original and unique at the time. Before Dungeon Master most RPGs needed keyboard input, with many still needing commands to be entered. A completely mouse driven system was very revolutionary at the time.

The Lifespan of this game all depends how much you like Role Playing Games. If you only having a passing interest then you many start to become frustrated with the later levels, in which case you could knock a couple of points from the lifespan. But if you are really into this type of game, then you will probably become addicted very quickly and want to finish it, and it is definitely worth playing to see some of the later levels. And once completed you may still want more, in which case the direct expansion, Chaos Strikes Back, is well worth looking at, and the AGA sequel Dungeon Master II is well worth playing. This is definitely a game worth playing.

This review was originally submitted by an old classicamiga member TweaKiNG. It has since been updated and expanded by Harrison.

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