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Name:  Response
Group:  Avalon
Year:  1995
Release Party:  The Gathering 1995
Party Position:  2
Production's Credits
Coder:  AragornEquex
Graphics:  CujoTyphoon
Music:  Typhoon
System Requirements
Harddrive Installable
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The Gathering 1995 in Norway was the party were Avalon released their demo "Response". They managed to reach the second place in the demo competition, right after CNCD & Parallax with the demo called "Deep". The same competition did also see contributions from crews like Gods and Equinox.

"Response" is not the most well known demo and if I remember correctly it might not have been mentioned much during the last ten years. Even so, this demo is interesting for several reasons. Let us have a closer look at the details.

When watching "Response" one can't help but noticing the design. It seems like the people behind it has spend a lot of time making everything (graphics, music and effects) blend well together. From the beginning of the demo until the end, the same style of graphics and music is preserved, making it smooth the whole way through. The co-ordination between music and effects are very good and makes the production enjoyable to watch.

In the effects department there are several neat routines. From the usual texturemapping effects to flatshading and to something completely different. Yes, in this demo there is a routine I would like to mention specifically, as it stands a bit out from the rest. It is basically a red ball in the middle of the screen, surrounded by pixled design (a couple of bars if I remember correctly and of course a coloured background). The effects starts when a kind of a wireframe carpet falls down on the ball, reacting with what seems to me like real world physics. The carpet then hits the ball, and changes shape after it. It is quite fun to see and it seems incredibly realistic. Of all the routines featured in "Response", this is my favourite.

When it comes to graphics, I've written above that the design is quite good. There are also some cool still pictures to see which was made by Typhoon. Typhoon is now a member of another group called Gods and has participated in a several of their productions. I particularly enjoyed the logo of the demo which featured the title of the demo with two women underneath. Marvellous.

The music is catchy and fits the demo. It is not a fast paced track, but it does the job just fine. In short, a nice piece of demo music.

To sum up, "Response" is a well polished demo which, in my opinion, deserves more attention than it has received earlier. With great design and a wide variety of effects, the demo is a must see for everyone interested in demos on the Amiga.
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