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Cosmic Bouncer Hot

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Cosmic Bouncer


License:  Commercial
Year:  1988
A500 (OCS)
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
Number of Players
1 only
Game Developer's Credits
Publisher:  ReadySoft
Developer:  Euroline
Coder:  Chris R. Perschke
Graphics:  Martin Lochmann
Musician:  Olivier BeckerMichael Volz
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Get out your Competition Pro Joystick and Hop to i

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Cosmic Bouncer is one of those purely fun games, lots of heart in it and requires almost no familiarization to get started. In this sense it is more reminiscent of an arcade game which was developed straight for Amiga, instead of the other way around. You will learn how to play within the first 10 seconds, as the only trick to the game is to just keep from falling off the scrolling levels. But the amount of variation and imagination which Euroline packed into the gameplay is really outstanding. Being able to turn a simple concept into an engaging game is no easy feat, but Cosmic Bouncer has it.

The game itself is all action, the introduction storyline being static and non-essential like many coin-ops are. Basically, an intergalactic tennis ball has come to life and needs to be guided back home. The game has 22 levels of increasing difficulty, but only 11 of which are true gaming levels. The other 11 are quick bonus levels where one cannot lose any balls. The internal progression of difficulty is really well executed, as the game introduces more
challenges always within a balance towards ensuring it remains fun. I also find that having no extraneous explanations of what every kind of platform stands for and not providing useless names for enemy characters allows players to involve their own imaginations into the game. There are useful hints and secret-platforms placed throughout levels if one has the skill to navigate onto them.

Graphics and gameplay are consistently smooth, of the same technical quality as something like Pinball Dreams or a high-end OCS game. The visual quality is what creates a sense of wonder as you encounter all manner of strange levels and their inhabitants. Yet these visuals are never allowed to overshadow or complicate the basic play mechanics, which I think is important to preserving the core of game.

The sound is also subtle, used in a manner to emphasize interesting points of the game without becoming repetitive. The game music consists of only one long, repeating midi-style track, but amazingly its quality and tone accompany the gameplay perfectly and without becoming tiresome. Think of the Super Mario theme only with ten times the effort and musicianship behind it.

So, if you ever found wandering around an arcade and dropping a roll of quarters down a machine to be worthwhile, then Cosmic Bouncer will be in your court.
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