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Games Shoot-em-up Zombie Apocalypse II

Zombie Apocalypse II Hot

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Zombie Apocalypse II


License:  Commercial
Year:  1994
A1200 (AGA)
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
WHD Install available
Number of Players
1 only
Game Developer's Credits
Publisher:  Acid Software
Developer:  Vision
Coder:  Paul Andrews
Graphics:  Rodney Smith
Musician:  Blair Zuppicich
Game Notes and Information
Just like the first Zombie Apocalype but with nicer graphics, this is another Operation Wolf style game.

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Editor review

Good short term fun

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The first Zombie Apocalypse game started life as a shareware title and quickly became very popular with many magazines included it on their coverdisks.

This sequel follows exactly the same gameplay as the first, but with improved AGA graphics. These two games are based on the Operation Wolf style shooting game, where you shoot the on screen enemies using a mouse controlled cross hair. The main difference is that the levels in this game are fixes screens without any scolling levels.

As the name would suggest the game features Zombies, with you being the lone human trying to wipe out their onslaught. Each level runs in a similar way, with the zombies shuffling onto the screen and you blowing their brains out. There are different types of zombie, with some just moving from one side to the other, while others will come towards to to attack. If any manage to reach the other side of the screen you lose some health, and the same if one manages to reach and bite you.

Shooting the zombies produces a lot of blood and guts which slowly get spread around the levels floor and by the end of a level the amount of body parts and blood can get quite extensive. So if you don't like violent games with lots of gore I wouldn't really recommend you play this! lol.

Obviously with this style of game you have limited ammo. And as the levels play, extra ammo clips are dropped into the scene and you have to shoot them to obtain the extra bullets.

To begin with it's very easy, having enough bullets to easily clean out the levels, with more dropped and the zombies being slow and not too interested in you. But the levels quickly introduce more varieties of zombie and you are soon trying to shoot a lot on screen at once, making the action frantic and out of control.

This game is great for quick 10 minute blasts some some quick fun, but all of the levels are very similar and other than the different backdrops they don't really contain much variety. This means you will get bored quite quickly, but you will want to play it again and again, just in short quick bursts.
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