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Games Role Playing (RPG) Champions of Krynn

Champions of Krynn Hot

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Champions of Krynn


License:  Commercial
Year:  1990
A500 (OCS)
Number of disks
Harddrive Installable
Number of Players
1 only
Game Notes and Information
Based on an original Story by Jim Ward, Victor PenMan and Dave Shelley.

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Cheats and Tips

After all character has attacked, press the SPACE bar several times, and the enemies will be immobile.
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Member's Reviews

Editor review

One hell of an amazing game

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If you are into AD&D and Dragonlance then you will love this game. You will find appearances from all the classic characters such as Camron, Tanis, and even Taselhoff. The game is an immersive experience taking you deep into murky dungeons and castles.

Finding the DragonLance is the ultimate purpose to this game. Along with defeating the red dragons, the flying citadels, and removing the dark queen and the brief appearance of Lord Soth.

The levelling system is great, almost making you only having to take on big battles and only a few of the little ones to get good characters going.

The graphics are nothing special, but they not that bad for a standard AD&D game at the time. The characters are sharp and the Amiga version is the only one to include some pre-made character skins that weren't available on other systems.

The sounds are again best on the Amiga version. The high pitch death yell of goblins and other small monsters were amusing, and the spells were the best on the Amiga version too with each having a distinctive sound, which was not the case on the PC version where they all sounded the same.

The gameplay might be a little complicated for any non AD&D rpg players, but not that hard to grasp as the game takes care of the majority of the usual AD&D headaches associated with the system.

Making use of the map is only available in certain areas which can get annoying, and switching between players to equip items and resting is the only other real tasks outside of battle.

The fighting is laid out as an overview of the character as icons, with the action being turn based starting with movement followed by a characters actions. This leading to a series of events cycling through all characters on screen, much like most turn based combat systems. All movement being via the number pad.

If you are a fan of AD&D this can be an amazing game. It has so many twists and turns that it keeps you wanting to know more of the story. The deaths of your comrades and the appearances of god like enemies can amaze amazing, and the story makes you bond with the game. It's addictive gameplay could mean that after a long time of not playing it you can find yourself wanting to re-submerge myself once again into the realm of Krynn

If your an AD&D Fan and even more a dragonlance fan , play this game, you will love it.

This review was originally submitted by the classicamiga member TweaKiNG and updated by Harrison.
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